November 12th, 2006

Ok, so it's back to the drawing board once again. Jeremy has left the band due to needing time to persue his career in law enforcement. I think it may have been our flyer with the cop car that inspired him to persue this course in life. We wish you the best Jeremy, we had fun.

Since Jeremy left we've tried out a few people and we are going to go with Pete Aimaro, former guitarist of Darkmoor and Hello Operator. I'll tell you now, touring with Pete in the band will not be boring, just tell him to fetch a switch and you'll see why.

One more change that will be made is that Rich will be taking over on vocals due to the fact that Lain will be moving back to California. We had a few shows with Lain and it was fun playing with him for a short while. Californians beware, Lain has some talent.

With all of these changes we are looking to record our first album early next year with Scott Picco of Bear Claw behind the board. Expect a release date of 2011, give or take four years.

Take Care,
Limbs that are somewhat Intact

June 26th, 2006

Ladies and gents, we just realized that an update to the news on our web page is long overdue. First and foremost, we've added a singer to the lineup. His name's Lain Weck, and you may be familiar with his prodigious pipes if you've ever heard his other band, Darkmoor. A wise friend of mine has made the astute observation that it's like we have "a cross between Axl Rose and David Yow" in our band now, which is quite hyperbolic yet also oddly fitting in some respects.

Secondly, depending upon what is going on at the time of you reading this, who knows, we might be playing a show soon. So always be sure to check the shows page and/or the myspace page for the latest and greatest info about when and where to get your face rocked off.

Thirdly, if you'd like to be notified via email about shows/big news and you aren't already getting them, send us an email (limbs at alllimbsintact dot com) requesting to be on the list. We don't send 30 emails a week about stupid crap like "VOTE FOR US 1000 TIMES A DAY FOR THE CONTEST TO PLAY WITH PEARL JAM" or "REMINDER: THERE ARE 3 DAYS LEFT FOR YOU TO VOTE FOR US IN THE CONTEST TO PLAY WITH PEARL JAM" get the idea. We'll only send emails when it's important. Also, if you signed the list at the show on 6/3/2006 at Gunther Murphy's, uh...we got drunk and left the sheet at the bar, so sign up again. Sorry about that.

Fourthly, we promise we will at least be recording a pretty decent sounding demo/EP/something this summer, so be on the lookout for more news about that. There, I said it ON THE INTERNET. That means we have to get off of our asses and do it.

axl rose + david yow = lain weck

Until next time,
All Limbs Intact

September 1st, 2005

Welcome to the new official web site for ALL LIMBS INTACT, version one-dot-zero. We hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to peruse around for any pertinent information you so desire regarding our band.

At this point it should be noted that this web page was painstakingly and expertly designed by our own in-house guitar and web design virtuoso RICH FESSLER. If you like it, need a web page designed for you that is of a similar level of awesomeness, and are willing to pay a reasonable price for this service, contact him by email at: earflaw AT earflaw DOT com.

You can also head on over to our myspace page at, where you can add us to your friends list, listen to a few live recordings from our last show, and e-stalk all of our friends and friends of friends that are attractive and/or have weird haircuts.

In news not pertaining to the world wide web, we are currently working on booking some local shows with friends, attaining a higher and more precise level of ROCK for YOU, and getting some of this nonsense down on tape in the process. We'll be sure to let you know when there is more news to report regarding these endeavors.